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Consensus Trainings

Intro to Consensus: Making the best decisions for everyone

Topics: What is consensus? How/why to use it. Ordering a pizza with Consensus. Using consensus to make decisions that matter. Productivity and accountability in consensus groups.

During this workshop you and your group will get a quick overview of the uses of consensus and the philosophies that underpin it. Most of the workshop will be spent practicing using the consensus model to make decisions, both important and not.

Suggested time: 90 minutes.

Consensus for Businesses and Non-Profits

The Intro to Consensus training, tailored for an office or business environment.

Consensus and Agile Software Development

The Intro to Consensus training, tailored for a software development team looking to use agile software development principles together with consensus decision making.

Productivity and Accountability in Consensus Groups

A look at strategies to make sure your group does the things they say they’re going to do, and tasks are distribute democratically and fairly. A brief version is included in the Intro to Consensus workshop, but can also be taught separately in more depth.
Suggested time: 30 minutes.

Consensus for very large or remote groups

Topics: Spokescouncils, modified consensus, logistics of communication and consent, an in-depth look at blocking.

In groups of 100 or more, or remote groups meeting by phone or the internet, the consensus model comes across additional challenges. This workshop can be offered separately or together with the Introduction to Consensus workshop, and discusses ways to perform consensus decision making with large or remote groups.

Suggested time: 30 minutes.

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