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Facilitation Trainings

Facilitation 101: How to hold meetings that don’t suck

Topics: How to structure conversations in a meeting. Diagnosing common problems at consensus meetings and suggesting solutions.

This workshop focuses on the role of the facilitator—a participant tasked with shaping the process of the meeting rather than the results. We will discuss how to structure the conversations in your meeting in order to diagnose and solve problems such as slow meetings, low energy and participation, poor follow-through, unfocused conversations, and damaging social hierarchies. A useful training whether or not you plan on facilitating meetings yourself.
Suggested time: 90 minutes.

Intensive Facilitation training

Topics: All topics from Facilitation 101, Facilitating large/difficult/contentious meetings, dealing with disruptive people, identifying consensus, in-depth individual practice.
Meant for those with at least some experience facilitating or participating in facilitated meetings, this workshop quickly covers all topics from Facilitation 101 before delving into more advanced concepts, as well as providing more in-depth and tailored practice for each workshop participant. 6 students maximum per workshop.

Suggested time: 120 minutes.

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