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Community Organizing & Strategy Trainings

Campaign planning 101: How to set goals and achieve them together

Topics: Setting goals, identifying power, identifying opportunities, strategies vs. tactics, messaging, claiming victory and admitting defeat, theory of change.

Social change does not happen by accident. Learn how to set goals and accomplish them through collective action, as well as all of the steps in between. Includes drafting a workable plan in-workshop for one campaign.

Suggested time: 120 minutes.

Starting Something from Nothing: A checklist for new activist groups

Topics: Finding other activists, starting a new group, fundraising, balancing inclusivity and productivity, building culture and continuity.

How do you turn a need into an organizing opportunity? This workshop walks through strategies on how to start a new group and building it into something that will last and succeed.

Suggested time: 45 minutes.

Student Organizing A to Z: Tools and strategies for student campaigns

The above 2 workshops combined and tailored for student groups.

Suggested time: 150 minutes.

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